A book not just for adults but for children too.

By: Book Lover | Source: Amazon UK / USA

Having finished this book by Joe McGee, I am inspired by what he has achieved and by what his 6 year old daughter has learnt by his achievements, regarding employment and how to look at things in a positive light through such a young age. I will be reading sections of this book to my 7 year daughter, to show her what valuable lessons can be achieved. Great insight. Thank you Joe.

Easy read

Review Source: Amazon by Mark

This book is an easy read. I think the author did a good job tying in his life experiences to the lessons in the book. The lessons found throughout the chapters allow you to pause and related them to your own personal experiences. Over all, good write up of the explanations within the chapters without getting into industry jargon and techno babel.

I can easily relate to what he describes in the book

Review Source: Amazon by Eric O.

I worked with the author Joe McGee, at two jobs. Since I started to read his book, I can easily relate to what he describes in his book. A lot of us that know Joe, we all started off in a technical call center, which was a thankless and unforgiving job environment. During my employments, working with Joe, I watched him mold and grow with these two companies.

He wasn’t your typical supervisor. He looked at things from both sides of the aisle and had a great understanding of morale and leadership. He knew the frustrations that we had as a team, and he also knew that we were not appreciated enough by the clients who we supported. Furthermore we were being sandwiched between the so called bigwigs and the clients themselves. Joe, decided to take the high road and decided to rise above all the BS. I think everyone should take the time to read his book, and understand both sides of the spectrum.

It makes you think more in leadership

Source: Amazon by Gary

I’m a manager for aerospace company and wanted to do more with my front line staff. This book is an excellent resource to build a more successful team. Joe brings excellent points by using his stories that worked for him in a book format. I was most impressed by his simple approach in Chapter 4. Do you really know your employees? I would recommend this book to any manager in any industry…

Joe's session was on leadership and I was amazed by the small things that he shared with us ...

Source: Amazon | Review by: Gavin

I met Joe at Qubit 2017 in Prague for a conference where he gave his speech. Joe’s session was on leadership and I was amazed by the small things that he shared with us for his experiences in his career. Immediately after the conference, I purchased his book and have used many of his techniques for my application developers. I would recommend this book if you are a manager or just a solo worker. My favorite chapter was on the LTA principle which spoke about pushing your team to become the expert on foreign topics.

Excellent for team work and empowerment training

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As a director of production for a large manufacturer, I have been using this book to empower my staff of 8 managers, 30 supervisors and all the core and line employees working for me. It has produced excellent results!! I highly recommend this publication to all employers wanting to bring their workers to a higher level of mutual understanding, and improve teem work efficiency.

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