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July 19, 2017 – The White House is Fake is releasing for Winter 2017. Follow our progress using hashtag #thewhitehouseisfake for up to date news on this title. Also some exciting news for our movie trailer for this publication. We will start to film certain chapters of the book in August/ September to help set the tone of the book to our readers.

Check back for more scouting pictures, props, and updates for the book and film. Email Joe to see how you can be part of the production of the film at

Props for the Film (More on order)

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The White House is Fake – Coming Soon..

July 18, 2017- Joe McGee will release his next publication entitled, “The White House is Fake.” The prop book below is planning to release for Winter 2017.

Story Summary:

It was the year 1956 with President Dwight Eisenhower signed the bill for the Federal-Aid Highway Act. It was also known as the National Interstate and Defense Highway Act. The law was executed on June 29, 1956 with an estimate of over 25 billion for the 41,000 miles of highway to be built. In 1957 Dwight Eisenhower modified the act to include a Presidential Protection Act. In 1992 Nelson Conrad discovered what the Presidential Protection Act was and how the government has been lying to the American People. It wasn’t until 2016 until this truth was to be exposed. This is the story of Nelson Conrad from Alexandria, Virginia..

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July PodCast filming continues this month..

7/5/2017 – Joe McGee continues his podcast tour for Episode 6: Making the Proper connections.
On Saturday, Joe stops in Colchester, CT for an outdoor interview for our July topic.

The following week, Joe will stop in Farmington, CT and follow-up with an interview in New York with “Easy the Mogul.”

Stay tuned for the full Podcast to be posted soon.
(Above) Easy the Mogul
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