Leadership Lessons Inspired By a 6 Year Old

Joseph McGee is an author residing in Connecticut. He is also a leadership consultant where he teaches other leaders in bootcamp style classes throughout New England. Joseph McGee transforms his practices in his leadership book, “Leadership Lessons Inspired By a 6 Year Old” into action in the workplace. Joseph’s last chapter entitled, “The Darkest Hour” was added at the last minute and brings the purpose of the book to true meaning. Learn why we all must fight and conquer our darkest times in our lives. This last chapter speaks why the book was almost not written and is a good conclusion to the book. Joseph McGee can be contacted for speaking proposals or other inquires can be made by emailing him at jmcgee@mcgeeleadership.com. .Joseph McGee is now offering Boot Camp leadership classes in Connecticut and Massachusetts for the 2017 calendar year.

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