About the Book

Leadership Lessons Inspired By a 6 Year Old is a leadership book based on a call center environment. This book speaks about the relationships of raising children and how they turn into valuable lessons of how to properly raise a team in the workplace.

Joe will show how to effectively use objects to emphasize points through “Show and Tell.” Joe brings lessons together by using real world analogous to reinforce his point in his book. Children are a blessing and the lessons learned when raising them can turn into valuable team lessons. Step into my everyday life of raising children and how these lessons can be turned into leadership lessons. Join me through the journey of raising children while leveraging experiences into the workplace. One may not first relate fatherhood and leadership in the same sentence but I have learned first hand there is a relationship that exists.

After reading the book you will gain a further understanding of the following:

  • Learn It, Teach It, Apply It Principle
  • Influencing change through objects and story telling.
  • How not to have Tunnel Vision
  • Simplicity is best. What Defines me is a must
  • Building Confidence and more dynamic teams

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