A Trip to Subway Restaurant

June 12, 2017- Today, I ordered one my favorite sandwiches at Subway which is a 12″ Steak and cheese with ranch, hot sauce, black olives, and onions. I just appeared to be another guest off the street and I asked a simple question to the sandwich artists.

I asked them what the meaning was for the new logo/ symbol and re-branding. I was shocked on the answers that I received.

If you are not aware subway has a new logo for the first time in 15 years along with an eye catching symbol.

The answers that were received was, “Well I’m really not sure.” I said, Well, I guess it’s a mystery..”

Another worker motioned they think it meant a fresh start. I’m thinking in my mind when a re-branding effort is done who’s responsible. We need to ensure the workers are properly engaged and the purpose and message of their new branding. Who’s shoe does it fall on when employees don’t know the true meaning of branding or re-branding? The CEO? The Franchisee? Marketing and or corporate as a whole?

We as employees need to understand the core message of what the companies vision is and they need to answer questions and believe in that message. This is where this store feel short.

As an example the Konica Minolta Logo has a great marketing approach and meaning behind its intent.

The symbol mark
This mark is a representation of the Earth. We call it a “globe mark” because it expresses the infinite expansion of Konica Minolta and the offering of innovative value to customers throughout the world.The elliptical form expresses the offering of reliability and security to customers and the harmony of our wide-ranging technological expertise. The five lines represent light beams and express our wide-ranging technological expertise in the field of imaging.The blue color of the symbol mark expresses creative innovation. We call it “KONICA MINOLTA blue.”
The logotype
The logotype expresses precision and quality in the field of imaging and the continuation of the fresh surprises that we offer to customers.

The Challenge

I would challenge your front line staff and ask them what they know about the logo they see everyday,  and the logo they wear proudly on their shirts. Do they know the history about the logo and it’s purpose? I would guess that most companies need to work on branding awareness and often May need to adapt a “brand ambassador,” to help deliver the proper messages to your employees.



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