Joe McGee heads to London for SITS17 Conference..

May 31, 2017 – Joe McGee is in the scheduled lineup for this year’s SITS17 conference held in London on June 7-8 2017.

What’s Hot at SITS17:

Self-service is a perennial favorite, but seems to be maturing, both in terms of customer acceptance of the channel and quality of technology powering self-help.  For that reason, there are several sessions at SITS17 which will help attendees harness the power of self-service, such as a look at why a Growth Hacking approach is needed to improve support portal usage and Terry Walby discussing how the virtual workforce is redefining the concept of online assisted support.

Of course, one of the trickiest tasks is maintaining a balanced program by ensuring we don’t just follow the trends.  I hope you’ll agree that we have a nice combination of practical sessions, such as James Finister questioning the wisdom of how we currently use and present metrics and HappyNow showing why employee experience must become the key service desk measure.  We also have more high-level thinking seminars focused on leadership and strategy. Joe McGee’s intriguing “Leadership lessons inspired by a six-year old” is one, while Noel Bruton will explain how leaders can distinguish between busy for good reason and simply flapping around while achieving little.  For the strategically minded Matt Hooper will explain why governance and digital transformation can compliment rather than conflict with each other. 

My Session:

Opening times

Wednesday 7 June 9.00am-5.00pm
Thursday 8 June 9.00am-5.00pm
Last admission is 4pm on both days.


Location: Olympia, Hammersmith Road, Kensington, London W14 8UX

More information can be found at

Last Year’s Video Preview



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June PodCast: Joe McGee to interview David Perlmutter

May 30, 2017 – Joe McGee has announced his next June Podcast which will be filmed from London, UK in June 2017.

Topic: Author Recommendations | Interview with David P Perlmutter

Believe it or not when authors are not writing they also read books. Please take a moment to see a preview of the June Podcast below…

Author Recommendations by Joe McGee

Wrong Place Wrong Time By David P Perlmutter

Summary: Having lost everything, I leave memories of a London police cell behind me and head for Spain with its promise of adventure and fun. Little do I know that I’m about to be thrust into the most terrifying time of my life.

WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME is a gripping true-life story of an unimaginable nightmare and how my ticket to a new life turns out to be a one way ticket to hell.

The Lost City of the Monkey God by Douglas Preston

Summary:  Since the days of conquistador Hernán Cortés, rumors have circulated about a lost city of immense wealth hidden somewhere in the Honduran interior, called the White City or the Lost City of the Monkey God. Indigenous tribes speak of ancestors who fled there to escape the Spanish invaders, and they warn that anyone who enters this sacred city will fall ill and die. In 1940, swashbuckling journalist Theodore Morde returned from the rainforest with hundreds of artifacts and an electrifying story of having found the Lost City of the Monkey God-but then committed suicide without revealing its location

Jungle by Yossi Ghinsberg

Summary: Four travelers meet in Bolivia and set off into the heart of the Amazon rainforest, but what begins as a dream adventure quickly deteriorates into a dangerous nightmare, and after weeks of wandering in the dense undergrowth, the four backpackers split up into two groups. But when a terrible rafting accident separates him from his partner, Yossi is forced to survive for weeks alone against one of the wildest backdrops on the planet. Stranded without a knife, map, or survival training, he must improvise shelter and forage for wild fruit to survive. As his feet begin to rot during raging storms, as he loses all sense of direction, and as he begins to lose all hope, he wonders whether he will make it out of the jungle alive.

Interview with David Perlmutter

During our June Podcast we will sit down with author David Perlmutter and find out what he’s been doing.

About David Perlmutter

So far I have self published 10 books on Amazon, WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME (True Story), FIVE WEEKS (TrueStory), MY WAY WON (Book Marketing), MY WAY TOO (Book Marketing), MY WAY FREE-TRENDING on TWITTER (Book Marketing) which is available to download for FREE on this very website. MY WAY FOUR – May the 4th Be With You and features top scif-fi authors from around the world. MY WAY 5 About LIFE features emotional and interesting life stories from featured authors and bloggers! MY WAY 6 – SexFor The Beach features authors who write erotic books. My Way to getting published All about how I got a publishing contract.

I am also delighted to share that I have signed a book publising contract with Austin Macauley and WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME is in all major books shops!

I started writing when I lived in Portugal about four years ago. My first book WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME I started as a blog, and then my friend and then editor read the first couple of posts and came back to me and said, “David, you must finish this BUT as a book.” So step ahead a few years and the book has become a #1 best seller in categories in the UK, AMERICA, SPAIN and AUSTRALIA. Also the book has received over 320 x 5* & over 100 x 4* reviews on Amazon.

Wrong Place Wrong Time hit the heady heights of #4 at Waterstones in Watford.

Joe McGee’s Amazon Review of Wrong Place Wrong Time

Review by Joe McGee:

Wrong Place Wrong Time- For me this was a story about how we overlook how good life really is at that present moment (roof over our head, job, etc)…It’s only when life is tornadoing into a dark abyss that these basic things are non existent is when we notice our shortfalls. This tale shows how good deeds can become bad deeds due to fighting temptations that ultimately put you in a continual loop of disasters.

Buy Wrong Place Wrong Time on Amazon

USA Link- Buy from

UK Link- Buy from Amazon UK

June PodCast Filming Soon in London

Stay tuned for our video podcast in June 2017 with our interview with David P Perlmutter to be posted on McGee Leadership real soon.

Best –

Joseph McGee



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Story Telling – The Origin of God’s Vision

In my book within Chapter 37: Misdirection we speak about embracing change with stories.

Story Telling – The Origin of God’s Vision

When making changes in your department it’s important to utilize stories to show that change is acceptable and happening all around us. One of the examples I use for selling change in the department is the “Origin of God’s Vision,” noted below.

Your perception of an idea is usually based on your observations, which could lead your mind into misdirection. For example, do you believe God to be sexist? Let me explain why I say this…

Think about it for a minute – did God deliberately make man superior to woman? Is this the perception we have engraved into our minds? Consider the following:

  • When we watch movies, lines such as “For all of mankind as you know it” are often said. Notice that I’ve underlined the word “man.”
  • For many years, highway construction workers put up signs that said: “Men Working.”
  • When our children want to build something out of snow, what do they call it? They surely don’t say snow person, they say “I want to build a snowman.”

Again, the word “man” is embedded into our minds and how we have phrased things over many years.

Because since the dawn of time – let’s call it the origin of God’s vision – men and women have been seen as different. Men and women had their roles, and society has reinforced the differences (and often inequality). But thankfully, as time has moved on, our perceptions of what a person, rather than a sex, is capable of has most certainly changed. My point is that we need to question the perceptions we have and how they have influenced our thinking.

In terms of your workplace, understand what your team may believe in and how they arrives at their conclusions. And, just because it’s how it has been, it doesn’t mean that the perception or the end result cannot be changed. It can, point in case with the above example.

Hear More at SITS17

Want to find out more about the use of storytelling and objects at work? I’ll be presenting at the Service Desk & IT Support Show (SITS17) which takes place on 7-8 June 2017 at London Olympia, featuring more than 80 exhibitors and the largest free education program in the industry.

My session on Leadership Lessons Inspired by a Six-Year Old will take place on June 7th at 10:30am and will offer attendees the following key learnings:

  • How to bring lessons from home into work
  • How to discover the power of the “Learn It, Teach It, Apply It” principle
  • How to avoid tunnel vision to find the answers you really need

You can register for a free visitor pass at, with free tickets for all seminars available on the day on a first come, first served basis from the Seminar Registration Desk. But you can alternatively pre-book seminars for just £6 per session (including VAT) when pre-registering.

Buy The Book

Leadership Lessons Inspired By a 6 Year Old can be purchased from these authorized sellers:

USA – Buy From Amazon.

Books a Million – Buy From Books A Million.

Barnes and Noble – Buy From Barnes and Noble

AMAZON UK – Buy from Amazon UK.

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Joe McGee to speak in London at SITS17

Location: Olympia, Hammersmith Road, Kensington, London W14 8UX

Topic: Leadership Lessons Inspired By a Six-Year Old

Wednesday, June 7 – 10:30 am – 11:10 am | Theatre 1

You might not first relate fatherhood to leadership, but in this session Joe explains how raising children has offered him a unique view on developing service desk teams. Rethinking the process of learning, using objects to emphasise points through ‘show and tell’ for example, has helped Joe in his management role at Konica Minolta and informed his position as president of his regional HDI (Helpdesk Institute) Chapter.

Key Take Away’s

  • How to bring lessons from home into work
  • Discover the power of the learn it, teach it, apply it principle
  •  Avoid tunnel vision to find the answers you need

More information at

View the Program Guide below.

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May Podcast filmed at Target Store

May 13, 2017- Joe McGee has completed his filming of the May Podcast from the Target Store in Windsor, CT.

Today we asked a few questions to guests gathering their input on two questions.

We asked the following:

1. What Matters most in the workplace?

2. The World Happiness report. Where is the United States ranked?

Stay tuned for the uploading of our May Podcast by checking back in a few weeks.

Joe’s June Podcast will be filmed from London, UK.

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Countdown to May Podcast at Target Store

Countdown to May Podcast filming at Target on May 13, 2017 from Joe McGee on Vimeo.

Join us for our exciting interactive May PodCast shot live on location at a local Target Store on Saturday, May 13.

Filming at:

Target Store

1075 Kennedy Road, Windsor CT

During this interactive session Joe will be interviewing guests and asking one question to them. He will be sharing the poll results with the guests after his interviewing is concluded. Come meet Joe in person at 11am at this location. Filming will be shot outside and then the interview will take place from the toy section of this store.

Joe will also reveal:

  • Announcement of his session in London SITS17
  • Announcement of next PodCast topic and special interview will take place in London.

Come find me on May 13 at the local Target store in Windsor, CT. Hope to see everyone on Saturday.

Cheers – Joe McGee

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Effective Operations – A Trip to the grocery store


May 6, 2017- Today,  I made a typical visit to the grocery store and observed something that many just like me witnessed.

In order to run an effective efficient operation it’s the responsibilities of the manager to know the business needed and make a lasting impression.

While waiting in line at the meat counter an observation was made. During what I would consider peak times they only had one meat cutter employee while the other was seen in plain sight not helping the customers.

Why was this person putting away stock when clearly he should have helped and shifted his concern to the 5/8 people waiting in line. This would have cut the wait times in half.

A few things crossed my mind:

  • Was he not trained to cut meat
  • Was he not trained to shift his focus in lieu of what the priority was?

Either case it was not appropriate for him to be packing stock away during peak hours.

If the operation team would see that either early am or late PM would be more appropriate to do this function.

A proper report of case study needs to be factored in so the customer is not waiting.

During my visit it could have been easily taken that the employee did not care and that the wait time of 6 minutes could have easily been 3 minutes if they staffed another person properly.

Lets look at the hotel industry for a moment:

For guests from the United States, exceeding the “breaking point” of a 5-minute wait results in a 47% decrease in guest satisfaction!
No one likes to wait in line. Hotels, particularly resorts, deal with high volumes of customers at peak times and lines at the front desk are often the norm. A long wait to check-in can be painful for guests arriving after a grueling day of travel and naturally has an extremely negative impact on guest satisfaction scores.

A study completed by Cornell’s Center for Hospitality Research supports this natural disdain for waiting in line. Based on two years of data with guests from eight different countries, their study found that guests’ tolerance of delays during check-in vary significantly by nationality. The study looked at country-level differences in wait time and identified “breaking points” that resulted in a negative impact on guest satisfaction:

  • Guests from USA: 5 minute tolerance
  • Guests from Canada: 7 minute tolerance
  • Guests from France, Germany, Italy and
  • Spain: 15 minute tolerance
  • Guests from UK: 17 minute tolerance
  • Guests from Japan: 30 minute tolerance

Now Serving – Ticket Dispenser 

Another tool in this grocery store is the now serving ticket dispenser.

This is used to maintain order and proper flow of what customer shall be served based on arrival time. During my visit this tool was in place but was not used. It was the awkward guessing of who was next. Why not use the tools that are provided by management to properly maintain order and balance of your department.

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