April Book Giveaway Announcement

Congratulations to Lori!!!

Thanks to the 250 entries we received for our April giveaway this month. You can still grab your hands on my book and take these benefits from reading my book:

You might not first relate fatherhood to leadership, but in this session Joe explains how raising children has offered him a unique view on developing service desk teams. Rethinking the process of learning, using objects to emphasise points through ‘show and tell’ for example, has helped Joe in his management role and succeeding throughout all his roles.

Key Take Aways from Book:

  • How to bring lessons from home into work
  • Discover the power of the learn it, teach it, apply it principle
  • Avoid tunnel vision to find the answers you need
  • Why factoring is important
  • Why facing fears is crucial
  • Selling change with stories and excercises
  • Why stepping outside the comfort zone is needed in the workplace.
  • And much more …


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Over 16 years' experience in the IT industry for leading corporate, financial and educational organizations. I have held various positions as Technical Trainer, IT Analyst, Website Developer, Manager and Desktop Support Technician. Joseph McGee was born in Hartford, Connecticut. He has been involved in the technical industry since the year 2000. He has been involved in speaking topics such as "Building Team Dynamics" and "Leadership Lessons Inspired by a 6 year old", which has been expanded into the topics in this book. He lives in Connecticut with his wife Amanda and three children (Ursula, Nathan, and Tabitha.)

Joseph McGee is a Manager for Konica Minolta and also the President of the CT HDI Chapter (http://cthdi.org). Joseph is also Six Sigma Black Belt Certified.

Joseph McGee can be contacted via email at jmcgee@mcgeeleadership.com.

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