QuBit 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic

Qubit 2017 Conference: April 4-6 @ QuBit Conference in Prague

Location: Hotel Grandior Prague
Na Porici 42, 110 00 Prague
Tel: +420 226 295 111

Joe McGee will be presenting chapter’s from his book at this conference. My session will be held in Prague on April 5th at 4:00PM in Track A of the program.

The talk will cover a few sections of the book including:

  • Chapter Two: Avoid Tunnel Vision – This covers that sometimes simplicity is best and often overlooked. The answers are often in front of your nose.
  • Chapter Three: LTA principle and “The Pearl Necklace.” Learn how to instill confidence and become the subject matter expert
  • Chapter Five: Show and Tell is a must: Why it’s important to use objects to emphasize points
  • Chapter Thirty-Seven: Misdirection: Learn why it’s important to know just because that’s how it is doesn’t mean it cant be changed. Learn about the Origin of God’s Vision.

About the Conference:

QuBit Cybersecurity Conference strives to bring the latest information to the cyber community of Central Europe from the western world closer and to help spread the word that security matters as Internet and IT tools are now accessible to more than 2 billion people worldwide.

QuBit creates a unique way to meet the best and the brightest minds in the information security fields across multiple industries, and all carrier levels.

Connect with QuBit Conference today and explore the latest innovations and ideas that are carving tomorrow’s industry landscape. More information including registration can be found at https://qubitconference.com

5 Reasons You Should Register for QuBit Conference

1. To Develop Your Professional Self

2. To Experience the Conference Without Sales Presentations

3. To Join Friendly Cybersecurity Community

4. To Engage in Valuable Networking and Relationship Building

5. To Explore A City Of History in The Heart of Europe

Joe McGee in Prague in April 2017

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Over 16 years' experience in the IT industry for leading corporate, financial and educational organizations. I have held various positions as Technical Trainer, IT Analyst, Website Developer, Manager and Desktop Support Technician. Joseph McGee was born in Hartford, Connecticut. He has been involved in the technical industry since the year 2000. He has been involved in speaking topics such as "Building Team Dynamics" and "Leadership Lessons Inspired by a 6 year old", which has been expanded into the topics in this book. He lives in Connecticut with his wife Amanda and three children (Ursula, Nathan, and Tabitha.)

Joseph McGee is a Manager for Konica Minolta and also the President of the CT HDI Chapter (http://cthdi.org). Joseph is also Six Sigma Black Belt Certified.

Joseph McGee can be contacted via email at jmcgee@mcgeeleadership.com.

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