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When we all leave the house everyday our eyes are caught by many things as we take in the world. One thing is for sure is branding of a company’s message is out in the open every corner we turn. The marketing teams of these corporations would hope they did their job in landing the vision of the company in logo form. As we pass through cities our eyes are welcoming these logos first hand. Take a look below.

How many of the logo’s below do you know? Just by their logo….


Let me ask you this question….The company you work for and put so many hours in every day. Do you know what your company logo means? The story behind it? How the logo was designed and the meaning behind it? If you are a manager and have quick meetings, I want you to do this in your next meeting.

  1. Ask your employee’s if they know the meaning behind the logo ?

I would bet that > 80% even your veterans do not know what your company logo means and the story behind it. This is something that we need to instill in our employees and have them aware the importance of their company’s logo and what it means. How embarrassing would it be if someone off the street asked you about the logo and what it means. Would you be stumbling over the words?

Just the same as the meaning of the logo another important branding factor is a motto that supports the brand. For me, the marketing team at Mercedes-Benz really nailed it. If you are not aware of their motto, it’s “The Best or Nothing.”

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