Misdirection in the Technical World – Take a Closer Look

February 17, 2017

Misdirection in the Technical World

[mis-di-rek-shuh n]- What the eyes see and the ears hear, the mind believes.

In this exercise we are using the techniques from, “Chapter 5: Show and Tell Is a Must,” in which objects are used to enhance points.

Let’s look at the above object….What do you see from a far?

It appears to be money and does look much like a $20 Dollar Bill.

Applying this exercise in the workplace in a few easy steps:

Step 1: Show this Item to your team from 10-15 feet away and ask them what this item is. Your team will most likely say money or a $20 dollar bill.
Step 2: Start to move closer to your team (Walk towards them).
Step 3: Ask them to look closer and what do they see? Is this money?

Selling Points for the Exercise:
1. Tell your team much like in technical troubleshooting when we are the receiver sometimes the information being circulated to us may not be all of the facts. It’s not until we get closer or get our eyes on the issue is when we get a more clearer picture of the true issue. How many times do you work an issue and notice that either all of the facts given were either wrong or missing? This is why we must be the bridge and have our eyes on the issue so facts are not missed. Look at this exercise from a far we thought this was money. When we got closer we learned that this is, “Motion Picture ONLY prop money.” This is not real money. We only came to that conclusion by taking a closer look.

Let me ask you – Are you taking the time to get a closer look? Are you performing remote sessions to get all eyes on the issue? Are you asking for videos or screenshots? It’s not that trust is lost on what they are saying, it’s that second eyes are ALWAYS needed.

Did you see it?
Not all eyes will have noticed this next part from this exercise…Did you notice it?

Who is suppose to be on the $20 dollar bill? Andrew Jackson.

This is why a second set of eyes is crucial for success.

What’s the Answer?

Do you know the answer? What if I told you that each person could interrupt the above riddle differently? If you were to give this riddle to your team, how many answers would be different. I will tell you that you will see varied answers.

In the technical world- we must NOT overlook taking a closer look. Always have another eye on the issue to confirm all of the facts before assuming and working deep into an issue. I hope this will spark some idea’s in your workplace with your teams. Enjoy

Prop Money
Where do I find Prop Money? You can find Prop money on EBay.

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