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Joseph McGee is expanding his teachings through this book into exciting bootcamp format with classes in Connecticut. If you would like Joseph McGee to come to your location that can also be arranged through his website.

McGee Leadership BootCamp class will cover the following areas:

  • Show and Tell (Live examples of Chair Wheel Drive and Orgone Energy will be demonstrated.) The attendee will also receive an Orgone Energy object for their use at their workplace.
  • A deeper look into “Being a technical detective without a badge” as described in the book.
  • Signed copy of Leadership Lessons Inspired By a 6 Year old with personalized message.
  • Deeper look into the LTA Principle (Learn It, Teach It, Apply It Principle) discussed in this book.
  • Ways to Motivate and challenge the staff
    Coaching Techniques
  • Risk and Reward (Always one step ahead) with a deeper look
  • 5 -and 5 coaching
  • Certificate of Completion provided to attendee
  • Management 101 – The Do’s and Dont’s of effective leadership
  • Creating Dynamic Teams On a Nickel Budget
    And much more..
    Two day 2017 Bootcamp courses are held from 8:30am to 4:30pm and are being held in the following locations:

Location: Windsor, CT (360 Bloomfield Ave)
Nov 16-17, 2017

This two day bootcamp course is intended for the following audiences:

  1. For New Supervisors or Managers
  2. For Current Supervisors or Managers

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