Teaser: Are you Ready to Lead? Filming of Leadership Lessons Inspired By a 6 Year Old

Filming of Leadership Lessons Inspired By a 6 Year Old took place on Main St, Old Wethersfield CT on January 21.

Staging of the film crew took place at Village Pizza, 233 Main St. Old Wethersfield, CT. Thanks to John and Art for their hospitality…

Joe McGee discovered a town where folks were excited about the techniques in the book and were applying them into every day life.

Follow Joe through the sequences of folks using the following:

  • Chair of God
  • Celebration Days Are Too Routine
  • Leadership Pizza was born
  • Orgone Energy – Show and Tell is a Must

Video’s for each of these sections will be uploaded in the following weeks. For now enjoy this teaser as a prelude for what is to come..


Joseph McGee, Author of Leadership Lessons Inspired By a 6 Year Old.

Amazon Link: View the Book on Amazon.

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Speaker at Watertown Library Association – March 21 @ 7PM

Joe McGee is scheduled to speak in Watertown, CT at the Watertown Public Library. Come and see Joe speak on March 21 at 7pm. His topic is Leaderahip Lessons Inspired By a 6 Year Old and will cover a few sections of the book.

Joe will speak on the following chapters:

  • Chapter Two: Avoid Tunnel Vision – This covers that sometimes simplicity is best and often overlooked. The answers are often in front of your nose.
  • Chapter Three: LTA principle and “The Pearl Necklace.” Learn how to instill confidence and become the subject matter expert.
  • Chapter Five: Show and Tell is a must: Why it’s important to use objects to emphasize points.

This event is held at 470 Main St, Watertown CT.

  Your browser does not support pdfs, click here to  download the file.

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BootCamp Classes – Register Now

Joseph McGee is expanding his teachings through this book into exciting bootcamp format with classes in Connecticut. If you would like Joseph McGee to come to your location that can also be arranged through his website.

McGee Leadership BootCamp class will cover the following areas:

  • Show and Tell (Live examples of Chair Wheel Drive and Orgone Energy will be demonstrated.) The attendee will also receive an Orgone Energy object for their use at their workplace.
  • A deeper look into “Being a technical detective without a badge” as described in the book.
  • Signed copy of Leadership Lessons Inspired By a 6 Year old with personalized message.
  • Deeper look into the LTA Principle (Learn It, Teach It, Apply It Principle) discussed in this book.
  • Ways to Motivate and challenge the staff
    Coaching Techniques
  • Risk and Reward (Always one step ahead) with a deeper look
  • 5 -and 5 coaching
  • Certificate of Completion provided to attendee
  • Management 101 – The Do’s and Dont’s of effective leadership
  • Creating Dynamic Teams On a Nickel Budget
    And much more..
    Two day 2017 Bootcamp courses are held from 8:30am to 4:30pm and are being held in the following locations:

Location: Windsor, CT (360 Bloomfield Ave)
Nov 16-17, 2017

This two day bootcamp course is intended for the following audiences:

  1. For New Supervisors or Managers
  2. For Current Supervisors or Managers

Register Now – Space Limited {Click Here}

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Qubit2017, Prague

Come join me in Prague on April 4-6, 2017 for the 4th annual cyber security conference by QubitConference.

See me speak for this exciting conference held at the Grandior Hotel.

Travel Recommendations

Hotel Grandior Prague
Na Porici 42, 110 00 Prague
Tel: +420 226 295 111

About the Conference

QuBit is a cybersecurity community event for the industry professionals and academics that creates a unique Central European hub supporting the growth of new ideas.

Our mission is to maintain an atmosphere of “community spirit” where cyberspace professionals come together to present, discuss, debate, exchange and explore best practices, real-life stories, strategies and mind-opening ideas.

Register now at http://qubitconference.com



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Filming of Leadership Lessons Inspired By a 6 Year Old

On Saturday, January 21, 2017; Joe McGee assembled a group of volunteers at Village Pizza, Wethersfield CT.

Joe stumbled upon a town where individuals were using his techniques from his book. Follow Joe through the journey of meeting people applying these techniques first hand. Video to be released soon.

For now please review, “Behind the Scenes Video.”

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Leadership Lessons Inspired By a 6 Year Old

Joseph McGee is an author residing in Connecticut. He is also a leadership consultant where he teaches other leaders in bootcamp style classes throughout New England. Joseph McGee transforms his practices in his leadership book, “Leadership Lessons Inspired By a 6 Year Old” into action in the workplace. Joseph’s last chapter entitled, “The Darkest Hour” was added at the last minute and brings the purpose of the book to true meaning. Learn why we all must fight and conquer our darkest times in our lives. This last chapter speaks why the book was almost not written and is a good conclusion to the book. Joseph McGee can be contacted for speaking proposals or other inquires can be made by emailing him at jmcgee@mcgeeleadership.com. .Joseph McGee is now offering Boot Camp leadership classes in Connecticut and Massachusetts for the 2017 calendar year.

Find McGee Leadership on our Facebook page.

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