What’s a lot of money?

Value according to a 4-Year Old..

July 9, 2018– Meet Tabitha my youngest daughter above. We must not forget that we can teach our children many valuable lessons in life and believe it or not they can teach you as a parent.

My daughter has her moments and often times won’t leave my bed and go into her room. I immediately had a conversation with my daughter.

Dad— How much money will it take for you to go into your room? A quarter?

Mom— I’ll give you a dollar.

My daughter: No. (Shakes her head.)

Dad— How much money do you want?

My Daughter: A lot.

Dad— How much is a lot?

My Daughter: 10 Dollars


the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.
“your support is of great value”
synonyms: worth, usefulness, advantage, benefit, gain, profit, good, help, merit, helpfulness, avail; More

Our definition of value and what’s a lot of money to someone will vary among your friends. I want you to simply ask five people — “How much is a lot of money.” That’s a very direct and simple question.

Why so many different answers? It’s just a number you might think. We as people are branded in our minds a varied answer based on:

1. Our occupation / Income

2. How we manage money

3. Children Vs Adults (difference of opinion) not knowing all the facts of life/income.

The Twenty Dollar Bill Test- The Value of money and human beings….

1. Take a 20 dollar Bill and hold it up in front of the audience. Ask them by a show of hands; how many of you want this bill?

2. Next take the bill and crumple it up in your hand. Throw it against the wall and step on it. Pick it up and open it back up. Ask the same question. Ask them by a show of hands; how many of you want this bill?

Remind the audience that no matter what you do — everyone still wants the bill and it holds the same value. This should remain true in life. Often times we are stepped on and thrown into walls but our value as a person should never change.

When your value is degraded remind yourself of this excercise. You matter as a person.

— McGee Leadership

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The Human Factor & Learning

“The Human Factor & Learning” – By Joseph McGee

Many countries – cities – towns have studied traffic patterns. What is the cause of the bottleneck and how can we improve congestion. Many have found ways to improve based on studies unique to each location. But what about humans?

For example if I was on the 4th floor of a busy city and each morning say by 8am – I’ve become an observer. If I was such an observer what would I see? Perhaps a controlled madness. Almost like ants or specs that are working together and many going in the same direction and going to work and or their destinations. Humans follow rules to somewhat of a degree. What I mean by that is by 8:00 am a flock of humans are entering crosswalks. They are stopping in unisex and pushing a button in order to advance to the other side. However, in any given moment some humans may lose patience and decide to dart across the road when not given the Ok by the cross walk signal. This is the human factor. Decisions are made outside of the rules of what one should be following. If I were to simulate a computer program and give it rules. When it can advance and when it cannot. The program unlike humans will not deviate from the intended rules. Humans on the other hand will make new decisions by emotion. The human factor will always win. This can be debated by many on what the safer choice should be.

What about Learning

The AI / Program can only learn what it’s being fed or learn from what systems it has access too. Humans have the same system access to the World Wide Web, etc. They also can learn through others which can be done intentionally or unintentionally. So for me who wins? Humans or PC’s. My answer will always be humans who can break the rules set forth and make decisions beyond the decision tree.

Let’s talk about unintentional learning…

Last night, I learned a valuable lessons from my three year old. This is the story of curling toe’s.

“The Story of Toe Curling”

Last night my three-year-old who is fascinated with coins and money happen to have some pennies wrapped in her toes. Her toes were curled and I was fascinating that she would do that. Her toes would bent down in a curled fashion. From this point, I called my wife and other children in the room. I yelled, “Family Meeting time.”

First, I asked my wife if she could curl her toes. She did it with no issues. As I called for my family meeting, my oldest daughter Ursula arrived in the room. I asked her to perform the same task. She was able to curl her toes. I thought to myself maybe this is a thing with the women. I asked my son to perform the same task and he was able to curl as well. I knew these must not be my children or I’m an alien one or the other. I am not able to curl my toes and learned that through others such a thing could be done

Learning from others helps build us into a more efficient and knowledgeable person. We can all learn something new each day.

Humans can learn every day. What have you learned today? Post a comment..

– Joseph McGee

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